What I’m Not Making for Chris Flair’s Stool Build Off

Chris at Flair Woodworking mentioned in a post today that there were talking about everyone contributing a simple tool prize, the best tool would win all of the contributed prizes.  I jokingly groused that now I had to make a stool and a tool to play along.  Chris said I could combine them, and that got me thinking…

I remembered seeing an article in American Woodworker about building a plywood shop stool that doubled as a work support.

Plywood Shop Stool with an adjustable work support

Plywood Shop Stool with an adjustable work support

Surely I could do better than that.  What about a combination spindle sander and stool?  That would be sooo handy in small shops that don’t have room for another tool like mine.  It would be a useful tool and a handy shop accessory.  With a little design work I think I could incorporate storage for the extra sanding sleeves.  It might be a good idea to have a safety lock out on the power switch, for all the obvious reasons…

Oscillating Spindle Sander Stool

Oscillating Spindle Sander Stool

But then I had a real brainstorm.  What about a stool that could serve as both a work holding device and a stool, a cross between a Black and Decker Workmate and a Peter Follansbee Jointed Stool?  The top could be split and have a series of dog holes for clamping parts.  When you want to sit on it, just retract the dogs and crank the seat halves closed.  Whatcha think?

I should probably patent this before someone snaps it up.

My winning entry -- who's with me?

My winning entry — who’s with me?




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7 thoughts on “What I’m Not Making for Chris Flair’s Stool Build Off

  1. I think you’ll have plenty ;of time to get a patent attorney Joe.

  2. jon

    Thats nice looking

  3. Great thinking Joe! Love the idea of a 17th century workmate 🙂 I’m hopeful to incorporate tools into my design but was thinking a bottle opener, yours is much more ambitious! Can’t wait to see what everyone ends up with!

  4. Ummm .. so no else got nervous that one might sit on a bench dog or get a really bad butt pinch from the vice?? 😉

  5. Joe,

    These are hilarious!


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